Coding Skill Test


Auto Evaluation of Coding Skill

Evaluate candidates ability to write logical code

Filter out suitable candidates with coding/ programming skills

Save cost of hiring suitable candidates with online coding assessment

Save cost of hiring suitable candidates with online coding assessment

Supported Languages

  • C
  • C++
  • java
  • python
  • Kotlin
  • Go

Define and Manage Coding Question Bank

  • Define Programming Questions

  • Define coding questions with attributes of functional description, Successful Test Cases and marks for each test case execution

Coding Test with Online Compiler

  • Define Coding or Programming Test

  • User can compile code in the test environment Evaluate code with pre defined test cases

  • Auto performance evaluation to assess coding skill of the candidate


Facility to Pause and Resume Remote Exams

  • Remote exam invigilator or Proctor can easily pause/ resume or even terminate remote exams for any candidate.

  • Entire control of remote exam is there with remote proctor who can validate and manage remote exam invigilator with ease.

  • Facility to terminate exam if candidate is found cheating during exam.

Monitor Live Streaming During Online Exams

  • Watch Live users attempting exams sitting at any remote location.

  • Facility to view live activities as well as recording of the exam session for audit.


Works on multiple Screen Resolutions

Works on Tablet, Desktop, Laptop with responsive user interface

No need to install any third party coding compiler

How to hire talented software developers like an ace Tech company?

The process of hiring developers for an organization is an extensive and time –consuming process. It can take as long as hours to days to hire a single candidate.

Having said that, assessing the knowledge and technical skills acquired by the candidate before hiring is extremely important and what could be a better way to do that than conducting programming assessments!