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Online Assessments

Digital Assessments can help institutes simplify the examination and evaluation processes for the students. It would result in substantial cost savings. You can eliminate exam center management, physical exam invigilation, paperwork related to exams.

Academic Exams

The platform has been adopted by many institutes worldwide and has best practices to conduct secure online exams.

Online Test Series

Eklavvya platform supports the facility to conduct online test series. Indian education system favors mock practice papers to prepare for the competitive exams.

Managing Online Entrance Exam for Education

Student selection during the admission process is one of the critical tasks for education institutes and universities.

Secure Online Exams with AI to prevent cheating

Secure Browser

AI Proctoring with Audio, Video Streaming

Screen Recording During Exams

Facial Recognition

Student Identity Verification

Facility to conduct Mock Exams for Students

Conduct Mock Exams for Practice

Detailed analysis of student Secure Online Exams with AI to prevent cheating

Training Videos to understand Online exam System

Examiner Access for Subjective Exam Evaluation

Examiner login for subjective exams

Masking of Student Identity (Name, Roll No, Email)

Automatic Score calculation

Detailed Analytics of Result

Ranking of Result

Subject/ Topic-wise Analysis

Detailed Score Card with Teacher Feedback

Detailed Report in excel, pdf format

Subjective Exams with Document Upload Facility

Upload documents for individual answers

Facility to use Excel, R Programming during exam

Facility to draw diagrams and upload scan copies

Onscreen Evaluation Process for Digital Evaluation

Evaluate Answer Sheets Online

Auto Calculation of Results

Integration API for extraction of results into your system

Monitor Remote Exams with Proctoring

Live Monitoring of Remote Exams

Live Chat with remote users

Pause/ Terminate Remote exams

Exam Malpractice Alerts

Online Coding Tests

Evaluate Coding skills of the student in c, c++, java, c#, Php, Python, etc

Auto Calculation of Results

Online Coding Test Environment


Conduct Bulk Video- Viva Interviews

Assess Candidate Knowledge with Video Interview/ Viva

Assess Communication Skills, Body Language of the candidate

Individual video Recording of each response Assess recorded Video response

Conduct thousands of video assessments concurrently.

Learn best practices of Online Exam Implementation

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