How Customers are getting Benefited....

Our Solution is used by many organisations. Here is the partial list of it.

Kohinoor Group

Kohinoor Corporate House

“Kohinoor Corporate House has been using Online Exam Platform to manage campus recruitment test to filter/ identify right candidates suitable for the interview round.Eligible Students appear for the online aptitude test defined by the Kohinoor Corporate House. Selection process of the fresh candidates has become easier for the Kohinoor Group..."

HBL Power Systems Ltd using Online Examination Platform Eklavvya

HBL Power Systems Ltd

“HBL Power Systems invited applications from across engineering students community. They received more than 3500 applications for this scholarship test. HBL used reputed Online Examination Platform Eklavvya to conduct concurrent online examination for those applicants across India with secure Browser.Online Examination system is defined in such a way that students were not been able to open any other browser while appearing for the exam."

Gujarat University Gujrat

Gujarat University

“Gujarat University is using Eklavvya and ePravesh platforms to manage Online Registrations and Online Examination Process of the candidates looking to appear for CCC Certification Exam in the Gujrat State. Entire Examination and CCC Registration process is implemented by Splashgain."

Tata Institute of Social Sciences using Online Examination Platform Eklavvya

Tata Institute of Social Sciences

“Tata Institute of Social Sciences using Online Examination Platform across multiple centers of India for conducting assessment for various certification and training related to various Courses. Eklavvya Platform has been integrated with their ERP System."

Patan University Gujrat

Patan University Gujrat

“Patan University is using Eklavvya to manage Online Registrations and Online Examination Process of the candidates looking to appear for CCC Certification Exam in the Gujrat State. Entire Process including Online Form Filling/ Online Fee Payment / Receipt/ Application Verification/ Exam is Automated which resuling in saving of administration activities.."

Pune University using Online Examination Platform Eklavvya

Pune University

“Pune University Management Department (PUMBA) is using Online Assessment Platform Eklavvya to prepare their students for the campus placement drive. Each Student need to appear for certain number of exams in the area of General Knowledge, Analytical Ability, Business Knowledge, Marketing etc. Preparing the students for the placement drive has become easier with the help of Eklavvya Platform”

Ajeenkya DY Patil University Pune

“Ajeenkya DY Patil University Pune is using our platform to manage Filling Online Admission Forms/ Online Form Fee Payments/ Entrance Exam for the candidates f various streams like Commerce, Business Management, Law. Entire Student selection and Entrance Examination process has been automated "

Sir Padampat Singhania University Udaipur

Sir Padampat Singhania University Udaipur

“Sir Padampat Singhania University Udaipur is using services of ePravesh® and Eklavvya for end to end Student admission and selection Process Management. Students can fill online form, make online Form Fee payment, Appear for Online Entrance Exam. University is able to filter out suitable candidates based on academic score and entrance exam score. ”

-Fergusson College, Pune

“ Fergusson College is using ePravesh® services to manage online admission process of Post Graduate Courses along with conducting Examination of the registered candidates. Entire administration work has been simplified with Eklavvya Services.”

Keolis Hyderabad

Keolis Hyderabad Metro

“Keolis Hyderabad is using Eklavvya Services for internal employee assessment process. Each employee technical/ non technical need to appear for series of exams and individual performance is being evaluated by the training team to assess their domain knowledge”

MES Garware College Group using ePravesh® for Online Admission and Eklavvya for Online Examination Process

MES Garware Group of Institutes

“MES Group of Institutes has been using ePravesh® and Eklavvya services to manage online admission/ registration process along with Online Fee Collection/ Online Entrance Examination/ Student Shortlisting Most of the administration activities related to student selection and admission are automated.”

National School of Banking

National School of Banking

“National School of Banking (NSB)has 20+ branches across India.They are using ePravesh and Eklavvya services to accept Online Registration for their banking Exam related courses . Students registered with NSB get 150 Online Exam Pack Test Series for practicing exams related to Bank PO/ SBI PO/ LIC etc. Students are able to track their progress of exam along with their individual performance analysis is provided in graphical way ”

DMIMS University Nagrpur/ Wardha

Datta meghe Institute of Medical Sciences (DMIMS)

“DMIMS has been using Eklavvya Services to manage examination paper Generation Process. Entire Process of Question Bank Preparation by experts/ Question Paper Generation/ Moderation and Validation of the paper has been automated to reduce administration cost and delays of examination process”

Yashwantrao Chavan Open University Nashik

Yashwantrao Chavan Open University Nashik

“YCMOU has used services of Eklavvya and ePravesh® to manage online registrations of the applicants, Study center management, Online Examination process for the under graduate students opted for their courses across India. ”



“MVLCO provides state of the art practical solutions to large multinational banks and financial institutions, banking regulators, information technology companies and companies in diverse areas of operations. MVLCO using Eklavvya for conducting certification exams like Certified International Payment System and Certified Payment Processing Specialist (CPPS)”

Broadcast Research Audiance Council India

Broadcast Research Audiance Council India

“BARC India is using ePravesh platform to accept Online Registration and Payments for BARC India Media Workstation (BMW) Online Certification and online Exams are conducted on Eklavvya Platform for the certification of candidate. On Successful completion of exam, candidates are awarded with certificate from BARC. ”

CA Parag Kulkarni

CA Parag Kulkarni

“Let me appreciate all efforts put in by entire team to successfully complete the examination. We are very thankful to all of you for entire support extended during the examination.We are able to execute our Online Exam Process with secure browsers seamlessly. Thanks once again. ”