Integrate Online Exams with CRM/ ERP using API


Proctored Exams in Moodle

Seamless Integration of Eklavvya Proctoring in Moodle

Conduct Proctored Exams in Moodle Learning Management System (LMS)

Just install Eklavvya plugin to seamlessly manage proctored exams

Integration of Proctored Exams with CRM

Seamlessly manage your admission leads with qualification Admission tests, entrance exams

Seamless CRM Integration to manage Admission Process

REST API for Single Sign on and Result Data Integration


Integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS)

  • Question Bank Import/ Export

  • User Data Management

  • REST API Seamless Integration

  • Conduct Proctored Exams using your own LMS

Types of API

Question Bank Management API

  • Create Subject API

  • Update Subject API

  • Get Subject API

  • Deactivate Subject API

  • Create Topic API

  • Update Topic API

  • Get Topic API

  • Add Objective Question API

  • Update Objective Question API


Exam and Scheduling API

  • Get Exam Name API

  • Create Exam Schedule API

  • Update Schedule API

  • Activate Schedule API

  • Deactivate Schedule API

  • Get list of Schedule API


Exam User Management API

  • Create Batch API

  • Candidate API

  • Assign Candidate to Exam API

  • Get Exam Results API

  • Get Exam Details by Candidate Data API


Video Proctoring

This is the most suitable type of proctoring for very high stake exams where remote proctoring continuously monitors remote candidates using continuous video streaming activity.

Remote proctor has various facilities like Live Chat with the remote candidate, Pause/ Resume Online Exam, Verify if the candidate environment is as per requirements and there is no malpractice happening during the online exam process.