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Solution for Education

Conduct Academic Exams, Entrance Exams, End Semester Exams, Scholarship Test, Programming Test, Viva, Interview for your students with ease.

Solution for Schools

Conduct Academic Exams (objective, subjective, document upload), Olympiad exams, admission tests, Remote Viva, Video Exams with Proctoring

Solution for Corporates

Simplify Hiring and Recruitment using AI Proctored Tests, Remote Virtual Video Interviews, Viva, Coding Assessments on a large scale.

Online Assessment Types

Competitive Exam Custom Test
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School Olympiad Tests
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Coding Tests
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Online Virtual Interview / Viva
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Academic Exams
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Hiring Assessment
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We made conducting exam easier

We made conducting exam easier

Trusted by clients 15+ countries to seamlessly

Transformed the online test-taking methods

Experienced in managing large scaled proctored Exams

Supported concurrency of 100,000+ sessions

Seamlessly integrated with your ERP, CPR, LMS & Moodle

Explore Eklavvya features to get started

Objective Assessments
Objective Assessments

Conduct MCQ Online Exams with online question paper generation

Conduct Exam in Multiple Languages

Conduct Exam in your preferred language like Arabic, Hindi, Gujarati, tamil etc

Detailed Analytics and Reports

Detailed analytics with ranking, percentile, question-wise analysis, evaluation reports, AI reports for exam malpractices

Eklavvya  For Institute

Eklavvya For Institute

Explore why Institutes from 15+ countries use Eklavvya to conduct secure online exams

Online Subjective Exam
Online Subjective Exam

Conduct Descriptive Exams with facility to type/ upload answers with online evaluation

Exam Cheating Detection

Identify exam malpractices using facial recogntion, AI Proctoring, Secure Browser

Question Bank Management

Manage Question bank with Role based access and support for image based, audio/ video, mutiple choice, match the pair type questions

Eklavvya  For Corporate

Eklavvya For Corporate

Explore why Organizations are preferring to use Eklavvya for hiring assessments and online interviews

Online Coding Assessments

Conduct coding assessment in C, C++, Java, C#, Python, Go, PHP, Javascript, Kotlin, R Programming.

Virtual Audio/ Video Interviews

Conduct large scale online audio/ video interviews to improve hiring cost

Online Aptitude Test

Conduct online aptitutde tests to automate candidate selection and filteration process

Auto Proctoring with AI

Conduct large scale exams with Auto Proctoring and exam malpractice reports.

API Integration

Integrate Proctored Exams with your Moodle, LMS , CRM or any third party system with REST APIs

Recruitment Automation

Online/ Offline Assessments, Management of virtual interview, analysis of communiation skill of candidate

5 Million+ Users and 500+ Clients rely on us for their Online Assessment evaluations.

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AI-Based Remote Proctoring

Record Audio as well as Video streaming sessions during online exams. Advanced Facial Recognition algorithm to identify and prevent exam malpractices.

This is the most suitable type of proctoring for very high stake exams where remote proctoring continuously monitors remote candidates using continuous video streaming activity.

This type of proctoring is most suitable where internet connectivity is low.

Capture Audio of candidate during online exam activity

Case Studies and Success Stories

5 Things To Do To Prevent Cheating During Online Examinations

One of the major concerns of institutes while conducting an online examination is the apparent risk of malpractices that comes with it due to a lack of human invigilation.

Leading university of Asia has adopted Eklavvya platform for academic assessments

The importance of implementing technology is accepted by every field. All the industries are being automated.


KK Pattanaik

Associate Professor, IIITM Gwalior

We have successfully conducted a Ph.D. Entrance exams using the Eklavvya Platform. Your Proctoring process is effective in managing remote exams.

Tj Ravishankar

Director, Tata trust endowment

My team and I thank you for the flawless conducting of an online test for The J N Tata Endowment as part of the selection process for its loan scholarship program.

Dr. Jonardan Koner

Dean-Admissions, NICMAR

Thanks, Eklavvya for Providing Professional Service in conducting high stake entrance exam of NICMAR.

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