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Answer Sheet Scanning . Automatic Score Calculations . Online Answer sheet Evaluation
Online Examination System

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Conduct Aptitude Test, Personality Assessment, Recruitment Test, Test series for competitive exams

Cutting-edge Remote Proctoring Technology

AI Based Auto Proctoring with intelligent face Recognition to manage in camera online Exams

Systematic Analytics for better Decision Making

Analytics with Ranking, Percentile, Topic wise Analysis, Question wise Analysis, Group Performance

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Conduct Assessment on Tablet/ Mobile/ Computer

Versatile Solutions

Aptitude, Personality, Recruitment Assessment, Competitive Exams TestSeries

Systematic Analysis

Get Analytics with Ranking, Percentile, Topic wise Analysis, Question wise Analysis, Batch Performance Analytics

Coding Assessments

Conduct coding assessment in c, c++, java, python, Php. Evaluate coding skill.

API Integration

Integrate Proctored Exams with your Moodle, LMS , CRM or any third party system with REST APIs

Pay as you Go

Subscribe to Eklavvya and Start using it, Pay as per Usage,No License Cost.

Question Bank Management

Supports Objective, Subjective, Multiple Choice,Fill in the blanks, Image, Audio, Video Based Questions

Bulk Import Questions using Excel Template

Define Marks, Difficulty Levels, Question Types, Topic Hierarchy for Exam Pattern

Different Marking Rules

Online Exam with custom pattern, negative & differential marking, Difficulty levels

Nullify the distance!

Manual + Automated Chat-bots, Face Recognition to control Remote Exam Sessions

Language Support

Conduct Online Assessment in Multiple Languages

Tried and Tested

Successfully used by many Organizations ,Universities and Training Institutes


What our Customers say

We have been using the Eklavvya assessment tool to evaluate and assess different stakeholders (both internal and external) in Syngenta.
The Eklavvya assessment tool has helped us streamline the over learning experience of our employees and made our work much easier.

Abhijeet Dasgupta
Capability & Learning LEAD, IndiaSyngenta

My team and I thank you for the flawless conducting of an online test for The J N Tata Endowment as part of the selection process for its loan scholarship program.
It was very thoughtfully organized and conducted.

Tj Ravishankar
Director , Tata trust endowment

We have successfully conducted PhD Entrance exams using Eklavvya Platform.
Your Proctoring process is effective in managing remote exams. I have no hesitation in applauding the support by you and your team in successfully conducting the exam.

KK Pattanaik
Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management,Gwalior

We are extremely happy with the service and support you have provided us during online exams.
This is the first time we have taken online proctored exams and it went very smoothly.

Dr. Chandra Sekhar Vasamsetty
S R K R Engineering College

A tailor made product with modifications here and there as suggested were taken up by the company and we have successful conducted the examination for over 14000 students and 75,000+ Proctored examination was taken both on Mobile as well as PC/Laptop by students using Web Browser.

Surya Krishna Mantrala
Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya

We, at East Africa University, with seven scattered branches, had to suddenly shift our examination to online because of a new government policy which was intended to limit the coronavirus epidemic spread.

Prof Abdisalam M Issa-Salwe,
East Africa University

Features of AI Proctoring

Monitor Live Streaming, Recording of Candidate

Remote Proctoring helps to capture images and video streaming of online exam candidate

Candidate Authentication Process

Authenticate Remote candidate with intelligent image verification

Live Chat with Candidate

Remote Proctor can initiate Live Chat

Data Analysis

Analyze student Data for Student Profiles, Region and other Statistics

Facility to Pause/ Resume Exam

Proctor can pause or Resume Exam Remotely

Eliminate Physical Exam Invigilation

Auto Proctoring helps to eliminate physical exam invigilation process

Detailed Audit Log of exam

Analysis of detailed event log of remote candidate appearing for the exam to detect malpractice or cheating

Audio Proctoring

Record audio around candidate during exam

Secure Browser

Secure Browser to Prevent Cheating during Exams

Auto Proctoring with AI

AI-driven auto proctoring for large scale exams

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition to ensure same person attempting online exam

Exam Cheating Detection

Detect cheating using facial recognition, audio, system alerts

Articles about Online Assessment and Examination System

Case Studies and Success Stories of Online Exam Implementation

5 Things To Do To Prevent Cheating During Online Examinations

One of the major concerns of institutes while conducting an online examination is the apparent risk of malpractices that comes with it due to lack of human invigilation.

One of the sad truths about education and examinations today is that students come up with creative techniques to cheat in an exam, be it an online or an offline exam.


Eliminate top 6 challenges of offline exam process using Remote proctoring

E-learning is the upcoming way of education, making it a USD 100 billion-plus industry. More students are opting for online courses and diplomas, to add to their resumes.

Online Educational Courses are getting traction across the world.


5 Pitfalls to avoid while implementing online exam process

Online examination process is helping automation and simplification of exam process.

Technology is essential to boost educational services as it can help improving overall processes and it would indirectly ensure that quality of the education is improved for the stakeholders of the education.


How leading Institute has invigilated Exams using Remote Proctoring

One of the leading Govt controlled Education Institute has successfully conducted Online Examination using Remote Proctoring Technology.

One of the leading Govt controlled Education Institute has successfully conducted Online Examination using Remote Proctoring Technology of Eklavvya platform.


Digital assessment is becoming a way for the organizations to assess employees

It has become essential for the organizations to use technology to simplify employee training, assessment process and enhance knowledge management process and Employee Skill Assessment

Eklavvya supports features required for skill assessment and Training.


Automation of Online Entrance Exam Process

Each year thousands of students apply for the admission to various under graduate and post graduate courses.

Institute wanted to streamline pre admission process and conduct entrance exams for the students to get them on singular merit instead of having scores from different universities with different grading standards.University got benefited


5 Advantages of Onscreen Evaluation System for Paper Checking

Checkout Technology to automate answer sheet scanning and onscreen evaluation process.
It can help you to speed up result processing Entire result processing may get delayed due to it.


AI-powered Remote Proctoring to detect and prevent cheating during Online Exams

Remote proctoring is the need for the hour in the current era of social distancing.

AI-powered remote proctoring is the one thing that can ensure the end to end security for Online Exams and prevent the process from cheating and malpractices.


How Automation for Exam Invigilation can Simplify Exam Process for Education

Remote Proctoring and auto image capturing technology can help you to simplify exam invigilation process. Many training and certification...


Top 4 Challenges to manage Online Exam Process

Online Exam Process need to manage some of the critical processes to succeed.

Here are some of the challenges for managing online exam.. Internet Connectivity, Question Bank Preparation....


A new way to conduct online subjective exam

Here are 5 key features of online subjective exams which can help you to switch to online theory exams instead of traditional pen and paper-based assessment process


How to Conduct Online Exam with Multi Language Option

Conducting online exams in regional languages like Hindi, Tamil is essential to effectively use online examination technology for rural India .

Checkout how effectively it can be implemented...


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