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Eklavvya For Educational Institutes

Eklavvya For Corporates

Eklavvya For Vocational Institutes

  • Conduct your unit tests and regular assessments in paperless way
  • Track performance of your students
  • Analyze Overall Batch Performance

  • Conduct Assessment for During Recruitment process
  • Evaluate and Select candidates for job interviews
  • Evaluate Employees regularly with online tests
  • Conduct Online assessment to evaluate students
  • Issue certificates for assessment performance
  • Provide study recommendations

Welcome to Eklavvya

  • On Demand Assessment of Student:
  • Eklavvya allows institutes/Organizations to test that their convenience,reducing assessment planning time and scheduling

  • Instant Access to Result Data:
  • Instant Analysis of assessment would save substantial time of the institute to keep track on student performance.

  • Reduction in Administration Cost:
  • Eklavvya will help reduce overall cost of assessment procedure and bring more scalability to institutes approach to manage assessment of the student. Eklavvya would reduce administration and student assessment cost by more than 40% by making it completely paperless and accurate.

  • No Hardware Software Licensing Cost:
  • Save Substantial cost in hardware,servers, software licensing cost
    Pay only as per your usage and subscription !!!

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